Company Service Policy

D2Graphics strives to provide excellence and professionalism to serve our clients, both inside and outside the organization, beyond the limits & well-managed resources. Our Mantra is serving with Quality, Pride and Commitment with high ethical standards. We deliver what we commit.

Policy Statement

Amongst many sections of Doe Eyed, D2Graphics is one of the proud parts that takes care of the Branding & Advertisement; where the bill will be generated by the name of D2Graphics but the payables are under the name of Doe Eyed.


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines when dealing with clients to ensure consistency and a high level of satisfaction.
We believe in providing high-quality services depending on client’s requirement. Encouraging feedback helps us to measure whether D2Grpahics is meeting the client’s needs and expectations. Feedbacks also help us identify problems that need to be solved.
While praises are always welcome, constructive criticism is truly helpful in the long run for us.


This policy is divided into three parts for better understanding of the services we provide.

Part 1 – Commitment to Clients

Quality in services is our top priority. D2Graphics treats all clients promptly and respectfully without any biases towards age, gender, and sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, and language proficiency, social or economic status.
D2Graphics always tries to make every interaction with the public as an opportunity to produce the most satisfied clients. We make sure that our clients feel that we listen to them and take them seriously.
We have specific standards & policies for various clients for our various services. Clients can access our site to express their concerns, complaints & compliments.
We believe in quality deliverance due to which we don’t support any kind of discount on our services.

Part 2 – Guidance for our workforce

Responsibilities of D2GRAPHICS

  • D2Graphics is responsible to ensure that all of our customers have top experience with us.
  • It is our responsibility to take proper action according to customer complaints & related sections.
  • D2Graphics is required to provide a proper response to our customers for all queries & questions they come up with.
  • It is our responsibility to provide the customer with excellent quality work for their requirements.
  • We try our best to meet the deadline if there is no occurrence of a technical problem.

General Response Standards

When dealing with requests & queries whether using the telephone, digital services (e.g. email, any social media forum or contact form of our website) face to face or via letter:

  • Identify & address any specific requirements with sensitivity, tact and diplomacy.
  • Record their contact details accurately in our database.
  • Acknowledge & understand the problem to identify the cause & reach out to the related department to resolve the issue.
  • Take down the necessary information and let the client know when and from whom they can expect a response.
  • Follow-up with the particular section with which the issue has been addressed and ask for the correct action report (CAR) to make sure that the customer can get proper response & solution on time.
  • We always keep our customers updated by Phone or Email or Postal mail that their complaints, questions or queries have been taken care.
  • We practise working on how the problem can be avoided in future.

When possible, complaints, questions and requests for service should be resolved in the “real time” on the same day they arrive. However, in many instances, referral and follow-ups are necessary in order to fully understand and resolve the issue. In such instances, the customer will be notified and given the date by which they can expect a response.

Part 3 – Responsibilities of Client’s

We believe in building long term relationships with our customer.
So we encourage & expect customers to provide feedback to enhance our quality work.
While D2Graphics tries to provide the best services to the client, our clients also have the responsibility to make all payments on time for the services we have provided to them. In case of failure to pay by the deadline for any reason, there will be a compulsory penalty on the given invoice of particular services. It’s the client’s liability to pay GST on invoices of services they have taken from us.
We expect that our client to be on one page with us as well as with their management.
We expect our client to provide all the inputs before the project commences via mail. Also, we expect them to respond to all our emails within time to keep the project timeframe as planned without delay.

If There Are Changes In Service Policies

We may update or make changes to our service policy as and when required, we will post a prominent notice on www.d2graphics.world.

Service Policy Update on July 2019 Version 1.0